General Dentists In Childress, TX Provide All Your Dental Care

If you are looking for an experienced dentist who will be able to perform all of your dental needs, General Dentists in Childress TX can help. Whether it involves regular cleanings or examinations to a complete smile makeover, a general dentist will be able to perform the dental work. It’s very comforting for a patient to know they won’t have to see a new dentist to perform their dental work.

General dentists are capable of providing:


Installation of crowns



Sedation dentistry


Smile makeovers

Teeth whitening

Anxiety Or Fear

If an individual had previous experience at a dental office that made them fearful, a general dentist would be able to provide sedation dentistry to ease the anxiety. The dentist will be caring and compassionate about the situation and work closely with the patient so they reduce the patient’s anxiety.

Smile Makeover

When a patient’s smile isn’t as a complete as they’d like it to be, it’s important they discuss their concerns with the dentist. A smile makeover can improve a patient’s smile and correct imperfections. There are a variety of services available to improve a smile and fit into a patient’s budget.


Whether a patient is missing a few or several teeth, General Dentists in Childress TX can create partial or full dentures to correct the problem. The dentures made today can restore a smile and improve an individual’s self-esteem. The technology that is used today provides a patient with partial or a full set of dentures that will look the same as natural teeth.


Metal braces and brackets that cut the inside of an individual’s mouth and make it difficult to brush or floss is a thing of the past with Invisalign. Invisalign can straighten the teeth using a series of clear retainers that are barely noticeable. A benefit of Invisalign is the retainers can be removed to eat, brush, or floss the teeth. The retainers can move the teeth into the exact position without the hassle of metal braces.

Panhandle Dental offers a large selection of dental services that will meet an entire family’s needs. Small flaws in your teeth can be fixed with veneers and do not require invasive treatment to complete. Visit the Website to find out about all of their services.