High Quality Oral Care That Benefits The Whole Family

When it comes to the dental health of your loved ones establishing a relationship at a family dentistry office has plenty of benefits. Most people assume that general and family dentistry are one in the same, however many times general dentistry will not cater to all age groups. Whereas a family dentistry office has the ability to cater to family members of all ages. This is highly convenient when you consider the other option is needing to attend two or more locations to meet the oral health needs for your whole family. What’s more, by choosing a single location for all your dentistry needs you are better able to establish higher levels of comfort during routine visits.

Building Relationships with Your Dental Care Providers

For many adults and children, going to the dentist is a frightening experience. By receiving services in a family dental office dentists and hygienists are better able to get to know your family and their needs allowing for a calmer and less traumatizing experience. It is this continuity of care that not only builds better relationships with your dental health providers, but it also allows them to closely monitor and identify any issues quickly. Additionally, you can save loads of time scheduling routine check-ups as everyone can be seen in the same office on the same day. Making it much easier to remember appointment times and affords you more convenience in your life by not needing to shuffle your busy schedule on multiple days.

Experience Well Rounded Dental Care in a Family Dentistry Office

In many cases a family dental office offers both cosmetic and general dentistry services. So, you won’t have to go elsewhere if you would like to have your teeth whitened or discuss the option of porcelain veneers. If you are searching for options for family dental in St. Johns, FL area consider contacting the friendly staff at Bartram Dental Center to schedule a consultation. They specialize in maintaining and restoring the oral health of your entire family, giving you something to truly smile about.