Straighten Your Teeth Quickly

When you have mild to moderate dental malocclusions, you can wear clear plastic aligners rather than wearing braces. Invisalign in Burr Ridge, Il, is a type of aligner that is available from cosmetic dentists. With removable plastic aligners, most people won’t know that you are wearing the devices on your lower and top teeth. The items are made using molds of your mouth along with medical images so that the devices fit precisely over your teeth. You will receive numerous sets of aligners, but each set is made in a slightly different way to apply pressure against your misaligned teeth.

Caring for the Aligners

While plastic aligners are removable, your dentist will recommend wearing the devices most of the day and at night. You should remove the aligners while you brush and floss your teeth in addition to while you are eating. However, after cleaning your aligners, you should place the items over your teeth again. It is acceptable to drink plain water while wearing the aligners, but you should remove the items while drinking other types of beverages. Every two weeks, you are supposed to switch to a new set of aligners, and by following your dentist’s treatment plan, you will straighten your teeth faster.

Call Us to Learn More about Treatment with Aligners

Invisalign in Burr Ridge is the perfect option for teenagers or adults who want to have orthodontic treatment for minor dental misalignments. Most treatment plans last only six months to one year, making it a fast way to have a beautiful smile. Wearing aligners doesn’t hurt, but you may have excess salivation for a few days as your mouth adjusts to the foreign objects. You can learn more about clear plastic aligners by visiting the Dentistry by Design website at