How Do You Find a Dentist That Will Help You Fix A Loose Tooth?

When you bit into an especially tasty steak, a tooth came loose. It’s one of the bicuspids that shreds food. It’s difficult to chew with the tooth loose. If you lose it, it your smile will look funny. You look for a dentist in Libertyville, IL, but it sounds like all they do is cosmetic work or dental implants. Can they fix a loose tooth?

Can A Loose Tooth Be Saved?

Loose adult teeth can almost always be saved. However, if it loosens more or falls out altogether, then it requires different work to save the tooth. First things first, though. It’s an instinct to wiggle the tooth with the tongue. Don’t mess with the tooth. Chew with the other side of the mouth until you can see the dentist to protect the tooth from becoming even looser or falling out.

Keep the Tooth Clean

Bacteria and food particles can get into the cavity left by the loose tooth. This can cause an infection, which is harder to deal with. If you can’t brush the tooth, then floss carefully around the loose tooth. Rinse gently to wash out any foreign matter from the cavity left by the loose tooth.

Call Your Dentist Immediately

If you see your dentist in Libertyville, IL, within 24 hours of the tooth becoming loose, he or she can perform one of three steps to save the tooth. One solution would be to attach a crown to the loose tooth and the teeth closest to it and then splinting it. This keeps the loose tooth in place and supported.

Another solution would be to pull the tooth and replace it with a dental implant. This solution would only be used if you waited longer than 24 hours to see the dentist. Dental implants are permanent and act like real teeth in both the jawbone and mouth.