How to Prepare for Wisdom Teeth Removal in Indianapolis, IN

The majority of today’s dental patients will eventually need to have one or more wisdom teeth removed in order to avoid infection, address tooth impaction, or make space for additional teeth. Thankfully, wisdom teeth removal in Indianapolis IN doesn’t have to be a stressful ordeal. Read on to find out how to prepare appropriately for this procedure below.

Know What to Expect

Patients should always ensure that any questions they have about the extraction have been answered prior to heading in for the procedure. Ask how many teeth will be removed, how long the removal will take, and how long it will take to recover from the surgery. Having a decent understanding of what the procedure will entail and what patients should expect often helps to reduce any underlying stress that they are experiencing before heading in.

Preparing for Surgery

If general anesthesia will be used during the procedure, patients should always make arrangements to have a ride home. They should also avoid eating or drinking before the surgery, as general anesthesia can induce vomiting. Those who are taking prescription medications should also ask their oral surgeons whether or not they will have to stop taking them before the surgery.

Preparing for Recovery

Before heading in for the procedure, set up a comfortable area in the home that will create a relaxing atmosphere. It often takes as long as 24 hours for the effects of anesthesia to wear off, so don’t make plans to do anything the day of the surgery. In fact, it often takes several days to recover sufficiently to resume normal activities, so plan in advance to get plenty of rest and avoid physically taxing activities.

Pain Control

Most dental patients need some form of pain control after wisdom teeth removal in Indianapolis IN. For some, cold packs and over the counter pain relievers are enough, but most patients are prescribed stronger pain relievers. These should be filled prior to the procedure and should always be used according to the oral surgeon’s instructions.

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