Implant Dentistry: The Modern Solution You Want

While most people are familiar with traditional dentistry, including cleanings, fillings and even crowns, there are many who don’t know about implant dentistry. To put the definition in the most basic terms, a dental implant is an artificial tooth root made of titanium. This implant is placed in the jawbone as a foundation for a crown that is placed on top. The connecting piece is called the abutment.

Like a Real Tooth

When you have this procedure completed by a dental professional, the result will look like a real tooth and will function like a real tooth. This treatment may also be used to support dentures and add stability. Such a procedure is also used to support dental bridges for full-mouth replacement as well as partial replacement. Working with a professional who uses the most up-to-date technology and techniques means you can benefit from implant dentistry, a modern method for tooth replacement.

Implants offer a number of advantages for the patient who has experienced tooth loss, including durability. They can last a lifetime with proper care, functioning just as your natural teeth would have. Plus, they look like natural teeth and are more comfortable than of the removable solutions available. It’s not necessary to shape adjacent teeth as it is with a bridge, and reduces the chances of joint problems.

Key Benefit

New technology and techniques make implant dentistry much less invasive than other methods done in the past. Your dental professional uses the most-advanced technology to efficiently place the implants in a less painful, less stressful process. Choose this method for filling gaps in your teeth while keeping adjacent teeth stable, which will prevent bacteria from accumulating, leading to gum disease.

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