The Convenience of Same Day Dentures in Fairfield OH

Same day dentures in Fairfield OH are dentures that can be worn immediately while a dental patient waits for permanent dentures. This is an option for dental patients who will be having some final tooth extractions to prepare for dentures. Same day dentures in Fairfield OH is a temporary replacement for teeth so the patient can chew and speak properly while waiting for their final appliance. Before permanent dentures are constructed in a lab, the dentist makes a mold of the mouth. This is to create a custom-made denture that matches the contours and curves of the dentin. Two or more molds are taken of the mouth, one being a bite mold. The bite mold is taken to make sure that chewing and biting actions are comfortable with dentures.

When the final dentures are fitted, the patient will need to follow care instructions. When dentures are first fitted, the patient may need to allow their mouth to get used to them before they start to feel natural. The tongue and facial muscles need to adapt to the new teeth. The dentist may recommend denture adhesives for people eating a large variety of meats and hard foods. Regular dental appointments are important to be sure dentures stay in good condition. Just like natural teeth, the materials that make dentures can accumulate plaque and tartar. Patients must follow the denture care routine instructed by their dentist. All dentures receive thorough cleaning with denture cleaning tablets. This helps remove debris that a toothbrush can’t reach.

There is another solution to missing teeth. When a few proximate teeth are missing, an implant-supported bridge is a viable option for restoration. Each implant is secured to the jawbone separately. Crowns are adjoined with the bridge to make one appliance for the small empty space. Implant supported bridges are ideal for two to four missing teeth side by side. If there is not enough bone under the jaw to support an implant, the bone can be altered with bone augmentation or grafting. An implant supported bridge can also be done by placing one crown between two implant supported crowns. This replaces three teeth. This solution to missing teeth can be considered a partial dental implant. The procedure is relatively the same and permanent, but only replaces a few teeth. Read more at