Learn About Obtaining Dental Implants in Chicago

If you’re missing a tooth, the most permanent solution is to receive Dental Implants in Chicago. These false teeth look completely natural and function just like real teeth. This is due to how the procedure works. An implant is actually a small titanium metal post that is surgically inserted in your jawbone. It acts like the root of a tooth, and eventually, the bone will grow around it, adding further support. A false tooth is installed on the post along with a crown to complete the implant procedure.

Although dental implants have been around for almost fifty years, the appliances and technology were expensive, making them a rare option for most dental patients. Over the last decade, improvements have put the surgery in reach of many people. For one or a few missing teeth, this is a superior option to replace them. It’s important to replace a tooth because other teeth are affected by its absence, and the jawbone in its spot will dissolve over time.

In order to have Dental Implants in Chicago installed, your gums must be healthy, and there needs to be sufficient bone available in the jaw in order to place the titanium posts. Each of these problems can be addressed via periodontics treatment and through bone grafts. The initial placement of the posts is the first step and needs to be followed by some time to heal before the teeth and crowns are placed. This typically takes anywhere from three to nine months.

If you need many teeth replaced, dental implants make a fine support system for bridges to replace the majority of your teeth. Removable dentures are one of the most common replacements for these scenarios but offer some disadvantages. For one thing, the jawbone loss will continue and make your face look sunken and hollow without the dentures in place. Dentures must also be periodically checked and refitted due to this process. Dentures are not permanent and can make noises or even slip at the worst possible times.

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