Make the Most of Your Smile with Orthodontic Treatment in Columbia, MD

You take excellent care of your teeth. They are white, strong, and beautiful. The only problem is they aren’t straight. You’re tired of seeing crooked teeth when you look in the mirror or at pictures of yourself. You need help from a professional to correct the problems with your teeth. Orthodontic treatment in Columbia, MD, can guide you toward the best treatment options for you. Whether you opt for traditional braces, braces that are clear, braces worn behind your teeth, or Invisalign, there is a right fit for you.

Turn to an Orthodontist for Advice

You know that the only way you are going to have straight teeth is with some type of orthodontic treatment in Columbia, MD. You are not excited about the idea of a mouth full of metal wires and brackets for a year or more. The good news is you may be able to take a different path instead of traditional braces. Many innovations have changed the way orthodontists are straightening teeth and correcting bites. You may be able to go with Invisalign, clear aligners that gradually shift your teeth over time. If you do need brackets and wires, you could choose to have them mounted behind your teeth or ask about options that are discreet. Ceramic brackets can be clear or white.

Your Orthodontist Will Help You Decide What is Best for You

In the end, your orthodontist is your best source of information after your teeth have been examined. Medical imagery will also be used to get a complete picture. At that point, you’ll receive recommendations for your teeth. Get started with Preferred Dental at