The Dentist in Roseburg OR Performs Root Canals to Save Teeth

The dreaded root canal is actually a fairly painless procedure that can help a person’s tooth to be saved. This procedure seeks to remove the diseased areas of a tooth and sometimes removes the nerve so pain relief can be found. Through this procedure, the Dentist in Roseburg OR can help to prevent further damage from being caused so tooth necrosis does not occur. Those who have never gone through a root canal procedure can take comfort by informing themselves of how it is carried out.

The procedure begins with the dentist carefully numbing the tooth so there is no pain or discomfort being felt. When the patient has responded well to the numbing medication and is fully numb, the dentist will open the top of the crown so access to the inner portions of the tooth can be granted. The dentist will remove all of the diseased pulp and the nerve, cleaning all the way to the end of the roots.

Since these spaces are so minute, the dentist must use special tools called canal files to ensure all traces of tissue are properly removed. When the entire tooth has been cleaned, the dentist will fill the tooth. This filling material is much like the one that is used in treating cavities. It seals the opening that was created in the tooth and makes it more solid and secure. The filling material also helps to prevent further damage from occurring while eating.

Sealing the tooth is crucial for finishing the work that has been done. A sealant creates a hard, protective shell over the top of the tooth so it is fully protected against damage. If the dentist does not feel the sealant will make the tooth strong enough, a crown can be placed over the top of the tooth to offer further protection.

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