2 Serious Dental Problems That Merit a Call to a Lincoln Park Dentist

Seeing a dentist for ongoing dental care makes a lot of sense. In between those annual exams and the occasional teeth cleaning, there may be situations arise that need attention. When something out of the ordinary does happen, brushing it off as being inconsequential is not the way to go. A better solution is to call the Lincoln Park dentist and set up an appointment. Here are two examples that call for attention from a dental professional.

The Gums Start Bleeding

There’s not a lot of blood, but it’s started happening every time the patient brushes the teeth or uses dental floss. The problem could be something as simple as a nutritional deficiency. There’s also the chance that some sort of gum infection has developed. The only way to know for sure is to have a dentist take a look and run some quick tests. Rest assured that whatever is causing the bleeding, it is possible to isolate the origin and settle on a cure.

The Teeth are Suddenly Sensitive

Lately, it seems as if the teeth begin to throb and hurt every time the patient drinks something cold or hot. Only tepid beverages fail to trigger the reaction. This could be a sign that the enamel is wearing down or that the teeth are damaged due to grinding or some similar issue. A visit with a Lincoln Park dentist will uncover the nature of the problem and pave the way for the right treatment.

Don’t assume that a dental problem is minor and that it will pass. Seek out professional help and find out what’s happening. In the long run, action now will translate into better dental health in the future.

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