Practitioners of Dental Services in Bayside WI Find the Reasons When the Arrival of Permanent Teeth Is Delayed

Parents may begin feeling concerned when a child has lost several primary teeth but the permanent ones have yet to appear. Bringing the youngster to a practitioner of Dental Services in Bayside WI for an oral exam and X-rays will provide insight as to why this is happening. Usually, the explanation is a simple one that puts the parents’ minds at ease. Sometimes, though, the exam turns up an underlying condition affecting the tooth.

Size and Gender

Interestingly, height and weight are associated with the speed at which permanent teeth develop. Taller, heavier children tend to have permanent teeth emerge sooner than shorter, lighter-weight youngsters do. Gender also can be a factor. On average, girls lose their primary teeth and experience the emergence of permanent teeth earlier than boys do. In one family, for example, the six-year-old daughter may have permanent front teeth while the son does not have them until age seven.

Smaller, Crowded Mouths

One issue that is relatively common is a permanent tooth not following the right direction of the primary tooth that fell out. This tends to happen in smaller mouths in which the teeth are crowded. Most commonly, upper canines grow in misaligned and protruding toward the front. This creates an orthodontic issue. A practitioner of Dental Services in Bayside WI may be able to prevent this from occurring by removing a primary tooth still in the mouth, allowing the permanent tooth to move back into its proper position.

Primary Teeth in the Way

Permanent teeth might not be able to erupt from the gum tissue if any primary teeth are in the way. Even if two front teeth have fallen out, one or both may not be able to emerge if the adjacent primary teeth are too close to the space. There should be small gaps between all the baby teeth in the mouth because permanent teeth are bigger and need that extra space. Again, the dentist might need to remove a primary tooth so the permanent one being blocked can emerge.

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