Replace Missing Teeth

If you have uncomfortable dentures that slip inside your mouth, then you can visit a dentist for permanent dental restorations. Dental implants from Hyde Park, Il, dentists can change your life because the restorations remain in place. When you are interested in dental implants, visit a dentist for an examination to determine if your gums and facial bones are healthy enough for the restorations. If you do have weak bones, then a dentist can prescribe medications that will strengthen your jawbone and alveolar bones in only a few months.

New Implant Procedures

There are different types of dental implants in Hyde Park, including individual implants, but today, there are new procedures that make it possible for a dentist to attach multiple crowns to one metal post. This makes it easier to have a dental implant procedure. In addition, your mouth will heal faster because the process is less invasive with fewer holes that must heal in your gums. After receiving dental implants, the bones in your gums will grow around the metal post to provide stronger support for the metal screw and porcelain crown.

Have an Evaluation

The cost of dental implants is declining as dentists have found new ways to perform surgery. If you had an evaluation about dental implants in Hyde Park in the past, then you should visit a dentist again to learn if there is a procedure that is more appropriate for your mouth. The amount of time required for dental implant procedures can vary, depending on how many teeth are missing in your mouth. Our dentist may need to perform multiple procedures if you need a full mouth of dental implants. To learn more about dental implants to replace missing teeth, contact South Look Dental Specialists at our website located at