Replace Missing Teeth

When you have missing teeth, you don’t need to wear a dental bridge or dentures to have a strong bite. Today, more adults are having their missing teeth replaced with a permanent dental restoration. Dental implants in Glenview, Ill., are surgically implanted in your mouth. If you have strong alveolar bones in your mouth, then you can undergo the implantation process right away. However, if your medical images reveal that you have weak bones, then you can take special medication for several months to increase the bone in your mouth and jaw.

You Need Healthy Bones for Implants

Dental implants in Glenview are suitable for replacing one or more missing teeth. You must have healthy gums to have the titanium posts inserted into your gums and alveolar bones. These posts will integrate with the bones in your mouth so that the implants remain in place. A screw or abutment is attached to the post, and this is the device that holds a customized crown. If you are only having a few implants inserted, then the color of the crowns will match the color of your natural teeth. Alternatively, for a total mouth dental implant procedure, your dentist will choose a color for the crown that looks great with your skin tone.

Learn More about Dental Implants by Contacting Our Office

Recovering from surgery for dental implants in Glenview can take a few weeks, so you should follow your dentist’s advice concerning eating a soft diet. After a few weeks, you can begin to eat harder foods, but you must perform oral hygiene to keep your mouth healthy. Make sure to use the brands of toothpaste and mouth rinses that are recommended by your dentist. To learn more, visit the Dental Specialists of North Shore website at