Request a Teeth-whitening Procedure

There is no reason to have an ugly smile because a cosmetic dentist in Chicago can perform one or more procedures to improve the condition of your gums and teeth. First, you can have your teeth whitened professionally to remove unattractive stains from the dental enamel. This process requires one office visit, and in less than one hour, you can have whiter teeth. Our dentist will apply a strong hydrogen peroxide solution on your teeth, and when water is injected into your mouth, a bubbling reaction occurs. Within a few minutes, your teeth are whiter, and if you follow our dentist’s guidelines, then your smile will remain beautiful.

What Is Cosmetic Bonding?

When you have scratched the front surface of a tooth, it can look terrible, but a cosmetic dentist in Chicago can perform a bonding procedure. This process involves mixing a color-matching substance to apply to the scratch on the tooth, and after it dries, our dentist will polish it carefully so that the tooth has a beautiful finish. The bonding process is cosmetic, but it also protects the tooth from infections of bacteria through the scratch.

Visit Us for Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

If your gums aren’t in the best condition, then it can affect your smile, but a cosmetic dentist in Chicago can perform gum surgery. Pocket reduction surgery can improve the appearance of your smile by eliminating the spaces between your teeth and your gums. When your gums have receded, exposing your dental roots, our dentist can use a piece of tissue from the palate of your mouth to repair the problem. Within a few days, the donor gum tissue heals, creating an attractive smile. To learn more about cosmetic dentistry, contact Chicago Dental Arts at our website located at