Routine Dental Examinations

When you and your children need routine dental examinations or emergency dental treatments, it is important to have a nearby dental office. The family dental care that Cary IL patients need has the right types of equipment for caring for all ages of patients, including toddlers and senior citizens. Visiting a dentist at an early age is essential to find dental health issues that can damage the teeth and gums. Experts recommend that children begin seeing a dentist after only one or two teeth have erupted in the mouth. A dentist can examine an infant’s mouth to find potential problems such as misshaped palates or facial deformities.

Collecting Medical Images

In addition, when children begin visiting a dentist for an examination every six months, they are taught how to brush and floss their teeth. If a child does have an oral health issue, then she is already accustomed to having a dentist’s hands inside her mouth, making a procedure less traumatizing. A family dental care facility in Cary IL also has medical imaging equipment, and your child will have X-rays taken occasionally to find problems that are below the gums. By comparing the medical images, a dentist can see any changes that indicate that there is a problem, including impacted wisdom teeth or dental malocclusions.

Our Dentist Will Remove Plaque

During a checkup, each patient also has his teeth cleaned professionally to remove any food debris that has collected between the teeth or along the gums. This can prevent gingivitis or halitosis along with tooth decay. If you have problems with plaque buildup, then a dentist can offer advice concerning better flossing or using an oral irrigator. To learn more about the importance of visiting a family dentist, contact Cary Dental Associates LLC with our website.