Symptoms Of A Root Canal Problem In Colorado Springs

Whenever a tooth has an infection or decay, the nerve of the tooth may be painful and swollen. This requires root canal therapy so that the tooth can be saved. The tissue that is inside the tooth, called pulp, along with the bacteria, decay and nerves must first be removed and then the empty space of the tooth is filled with a specialized dental material that is medicated, which will restore your tooth to its full function. It may be helpful to know the symptoms and signs of this problem so you know when to go to your Colorado Springs dentist for treatment.


An abscess is simply a pimple on the gums, though it can be very painful and difficult to chew or talk without rubbing the area. In many cases, the abscess will go away on its own, but it usually returns and can be a sign of infection deep within the gums, so it is important to have a dentist look at it and determine the problem.


If you are experiencing sensitivity to cold or hot food or drink items, you may require the procedure. Sensitivity can be caused by many things, but in many cases, the nerves of the tooth may be exposed, and they should be removed and filled, so the sensation doesn’t recur. You will need to discuss your problem with the dentist and he or she will likely run a few tests and ask more questions to determine why you are sensitive to hot and cold items.


Typically, a toothache occurs when the nerves or roots are exposed, and this pain can be very severe. You may find that topical ointments can help, but ultimately, a visit with the dentist is in order to find out what the pain is from and begin the process of fixing the problem. However, many people who require a root canal find that they have no pain or other symptoms and only notice the situation when the dentist performs a regular checkup.


Tenderness and swelling are a common complaint from many with tooth problems. You use your mouth to chew, talk and breathe, and any or all of those common actions can cause the area to become tender over time. Swelling is also common because the area is inflamed, and as you continue to use it, it will swell to try and keep the area safe from more harm.

A root canal in Colorado Springs is never something you want to consider, but if you do require this procedure, go to Lehman Drive Dental to have it completed.