The Benefits Of Regular Teeth Cleaning In Salisbury NC

One of the most overlooked areas of a person’s health is their mouth, and whether it is due to a fear of the dentist or a lack of caring, failing to maintain the teeth and gums may lead to issues in the future. One of the first lines of defense from the development of more severe problems is regular Teeth Cleaning in Salisbury NC. It is a quick and painless process and will allow a dentist to detect and remedy any oral health problems before they create discomfort.

Initial Cleaning

A hygienist will use a water pick device to break up the formation of plaque and tartar on the surface of the teeth, which will restore their natural vibrancy and help to prevent cavities in the future. Next, the hygienist will floss between the teeth to remove any hidden buildup. Once the teeth have been cleaned the technician will then polish the teeth to remove any stubborn stains, which will give the teeth a luminous shine.

X-rays and Fluoride Treatment

After the cleaning procedure, a set of x-rays will be taken, which will be used to identify the formation of any cavities in the teeth. The hygienist will then apply a fluoride cream to the teeth and allow it to set, which helps to prevent the onset of new cavities. The fluoride treatment is optional, but it is usually recommended as a preventative treatment.

Dental Exam

Once the Teeth Cleaning in Salisbury NC is complete, a dentist will then examine the teeth and gums. They will inspect each tooth individually and identify any trouble spots that may need intervention. Finally, they will review the x-rays and discuss the results with the patient, making recommendations on any services that may be beneficial.

Failing to have dental cleanings on a regular basis may lead to painful problems down the road. Fortunately, Robert S. Ogden DDS PA is a full-service dental office that provides cleaning and general dentistry procedures for children and adults. Visit us online or call today to learn more and schedule a new patient exam to tackle any oral health problems once and for all.