The Different Ways Restorative Dentistry in Indianapolis, IN Can Improve a Smile

Most people cherish a beautiful smile and work hard to keep it looking clean and lustrous. Unfortunately, uncontrollable incidents sometimes arise that leave a smile in a less-than-perfect condition. Depending on the severity of the injury, infection, or deterioration, people will need restorative dentistry in Indianapolis IN to set things right. In the hands of an experienced dental staff, almost any defective smile can be made healthy again.

Restoring a Smile Can Be Achieved Through Various Methods

The dental services available to help restore a smile come in many different forms, with several of them acting as temporary repairs. This includes the creation of dental bridges to fill gaps between teeth, molding porcelain crowns to fit over misshapen teeth, utilizing tooth bonding to cover chipped or discolored teeth, applying veneers to worn or irregularly shaped teeth, and wearing Invisalign aligners to help straighten a crooked smile. Teeth whitening can also fit into this category since it eliminates stains and helps bring back the original sheen. Each of these services is designed to improve the health of a smile while also making it look more appealing.

Permanently Fixing Teeth Isn’t Easy

When too many teeth have been accidentally damaged, the best method of restoration is through the use of dental implants. This service entails the complete removal of any bad teeth, the surgical insertion of artificial roots, and the eventual installation of artificial teeth. This is one of the most permanent repairs offered by clinics like Moore-Berry Dentistry, but it requires that the patient have adequate jawbone mass and healthy gum tissue to be successful. Requiring several months of invasive treatments to complete, the process may not be for the faint of heart, which is why the clinic asks that patients “Contact Us” for more information before deciding on the procedure.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

As everybody knows, the best way to avoid undergoing restorative dentistry in Indianapolis IN is to be proactive. Patients should always schedule routine examinations and cleanings twice a year to ensure that any potential problems are caught before they become significant. Although not all damage occurs naturally, the dental staff will administer a thorough inspection of the mouth to check for any tooth or jaw issues as well as oral cancer in an effort to lessen the chance that a patient is caught off guard by an avoidable situation.