The Top Benefits You Can Reap From Getting Veneers in Beverly Hills

Veneers are shells that are made from composite resin or porcelain. They are placed directly over your teeth. There are several benefits you can reap from getting veneers in Beverly Hills.


Veneers are a durable option. In fact, you can expect them to last for 12 to 25 years. They also do not require a lot of maintenance. If you brush and floss, you will be able to keep the veneers for a long time.

Treat a Variety of Problems

Discoloration, gaps and chips are some of the problems that can be treated with veneers. If your teeth are mildly crooked, then you can get them fixed with veneers. Many people who get veneers do not need to get braces.

Boost Your Confidence

If you do not like the way that your teeth look, then you can improve their appearance by getting veneers. This can boost your confidence. You will be able to smile without feeling the need to hide your teeth.

Remove Very Little Enamel

The dentist will have to remove a small portion of your enamel before placing the veneers. However, the dentist will be able to preserve more of your natural tooth.

Safe Procedure

It is safe for you to get veneers. It is also a painless procedure. You can get a local anesthetic before this procedure.

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