Three Reasons You Should Choose Invisalign in Chicago

If you are thinking about options for straightening your teeth, you are probably well aware that there are now several methods for doing so. While traditional metal braces were once the only option, patients can now choose to use less intrusive braces.

Invisalign in Chicago is one such option that offers similar benefits to metal braces while also providing quite a few additional advantages. If you are currently in the process of making a decision about which option is best for you, here are a few reasons that you should choose Invisalign in Chicago.

They Are Virtually Invisible

As the name implies, Invisalign braces are virtually invisible when they are worn. This is obviously much different than metal braces, which are known to cause embarrassment for patients wearing them. The advantage of straightening your teeth without anybody knowing it is one of the main reasons that this option was created in the first place.

They Are Less Painful

While you can expect to experience some degree of pain with any type of braces, you will not have to worry about it nearly as much with Invisalign. Instead of the cranking and pulling that comes with traditional braces, invisible braces gradually align your teeth through a series of plastic aligners. This makes the entire experience much more comfortable.

They Allow You to Eat Normally

With metal braces, there is always the worry of eating things that can get stuck in them or cause issues. With invisible braces, you can take them out when you eat. This essentially means that there are no restrictions on what you can eat or drink. It also makes it much easier to clean your teeth and the aligners when it becomes necessary.

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