Same Day Appointment with an Emergency Dentist in Loop

You can get a same day appointment with an emergency dentist in Loop. The right dental service understands that a tooth issue does not crop up when it is convenient for the dentist so they take measures to ensure that they can always serve people in need. A lot of dentist’s provide same day appointments for established long term patients but what if you are not an established patient, does that mean you do not deserve care? Of course not that means you need to use a Emergency Dentist in Loop that offers emergency dental appointments for non-patients.

What is an Emergency?

A lot of people hesitate to call for an emergency appointment because they are unsure of the criteria of what constitutes a dental emergency. There are no real criteria, but the following may be helpful in making your decision to call for a same day appointment:

  • You’re in pain
  • Your tooth has been chipped
  • Your tooth has been knocked out
  • You have swelling in your jaw

If you are in pain that is an emergency, at no point should your teeth hurt. If you have pain when you chew, or heightened sensitivity to hot or cold, then you may have something going on and you need to get to the dentist fast. The sooner you get care the better off you will be. If you have chipped a tooth, that is a dental emergency. A chipped tooth can be an invitation for bacteria to attack and form a cavity. If your tooth has been knocked out, get the tooth and wrap it is a wet cloth or napkin and get to the dentist, it may be able to be saved. Anytime you have swelling in your jaw you need to get to a dentist quick, it may be an abscessed tooth that you are dealing with.

In many cases time is of the essence when it comes to minimizing the pain and getting your teeth cared for. You do not want to wait only to find out if you had been seen the tooth could have been saved.

What is NOT an Emergency?

There are a few things that are not an emergency. If you lose a filling without pain you can wait a couple of days. If you want to get a cleaning or anything cosmetic done that can wait as well. Any routine procedures can wait for an appointment. Contact Windy City Family Dental to schedule your consultation.