How Should I Care for My Temporary Dental Crown?

Many people struggle with keeping their teeth perfectly healthy. Even with the greatest care and attention things can still go wrong. One of the most common dental procedures done is the installation of a crown to cover and protect broken, weak, or damaged teeth. During the process of getting a crown, there are usually a few days to a week where you will be given a temporary crown. This is done to protect the tooth from further damage while the actual permanent crown is being custom made for you. Dental crowns in Mundelein are very common so it is important to know how to care for your temporary crown during this time.

Tips for Dental Crown Care

Because these crowns are temporary and not permanently attached they need special care to ensure they stay in place until the real crown is ready- some recommended precautions include:

*Avoid sticky foods that can suction to the crown and pull it off- things like taffy, caramel, or gum
*Avoid using that side of the mouth for chewing as much as possible to avoid excessive stress
*Avoid chewing on hard foods like raw veggies or ice – they can crack or dislodge the crown
*Avoid lifting floss out from between teeth, slide it out instead, so it doesn’t snag the crown

Routine Care is Still Important

While the crown itself does not need any specialized care once it is in place, remember that simply covering the tooth with a crown does not mean you can just neglect it. It is important to follow normal dental care steps each day- brushing three times, flossing at least once, using quality toothpaste and mouthwash, and keeping all dental appointments and cleaning sessions.

To get the dental crowns in Mundelein that you need, consider setting up an consultation appointment with North Suburban Dental of Mundelein.