Use Quality Dental Services in Kittanning PA to Improve the Smile or the Function of the Teeth

Everyone wants to enjoy a beautiful smile, but it isn’t always easy to keep that smile looking great. For example, certain foods and drinks can affect the appearance of the teeth and over the counter whitening products don’t clean the way an experienced dentist can. In fact, dental whitening is one of the most requested dental services in Kittanning PA. Other options for improving the smile include dental veneers, crowns or dental appliances such as bridges or dentures. Because every patient requires different treatments, the only way to know what will help is to visit an expert.

Caries (cavities) are one of the most common reason to visit the dentist. The cavity begins as a small spot on the tooth and gradually increases as the decay spreads. Dental services in Kittanning PA can reduce the damage from caries by catching the problem early and treating it quickly. This will only happen if people visit the dentist on a regular basis. Yearly checkups and routine cleaning can help catch many problems and may even reduce the chance of caries.

Once a cavity begins, the treatment will depend on where it is and how far it has progressed. If it is caught in an early stage, then the dentist may be able to clean out the decayed dentin and seal the tooth. This is the preferred method of treatment because it keeps the tooth healthy and avoids the problems associated with extraction.

Severe caries can result in tissue infection or worse, the decay of the root pulp. When the latter occurs, the dentist will need to perform a root canal procedure. The root canal or pulp canal is the space just under the tooth where the blood supply and nerve are found. If they are not removed, then there is some chance of abscess or serious infection when the pulp dies.

If the tooth is beyond repair, then the dentist may suggest an extraction and replacement with an artificial tooth, also known as a dental implant. Implants are simply an artificial root placed in the jawbone and are used to support a porcelain crown. The use of an implant will reduce the chance of shifting teeth and restores the functionality of the extracted tooth. Contact Business Name to learn more about improving the smile or repairing damaged teeth.