Want Comfortable Dentures? Here’s 3 Tips from an Edmond, OK, Dentist

Dentures are a common option for men and women who want to replace missing teeth. Comfort is one of the primary reasons that people are unhappy with dentures, and here’s three tips for making your dentures more comfortable.

Choose the Right Adhesive

Denture adhesive helps hold the appliance in place so you can chew and speak. The adhesive also prevents shifting of the dentures that leads to mouth sores, irritated gums, trapped food particles, and bacteria. You might want to try a few different denture adhesive to find the one that works best for you.

Wear Your Dentures Less Often

Many people wear their dentures all day, every day. While this may seem to be a very convenient option, the practice can make your dentures less comfortable. Your gums need time to rest from being covered by the dentures and removing your dentures for a few hours each day keeps your gums healthy.

Let Your Dentist Know

People who wear dentures in Edmond, OK, often live with pain and discomfort of dentures because they believe it is normal. Dentures should be very comfortable in your mouth and not interfere with eating or talking. If you have any issues with your dentures or do not like how they fit or feel in your mouth, speak with your dentist. Adjustments may be needed to improve the fit.

Where to Find a Dentist for Dentures in Edmond, OK

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