What Is A Cosmetic Dentist?

When most people go to a regular aesthetic dentist, they are going for health purposes. Maintaining a healthy mouth can ensure that your teeth look nicer and can also lower your risk of bacterial infections. There are many cosmetic dentists in Batavia and the work they do is based around different goals. Cosmetic dentists are focused on the opinions and preferences of their patients rather than just oral health. When you go to a cosmetic dentist some questions you may ask are, “What do I want my teeth to look like?” “Am I happy with my smile?” “Do I want whiter teeth?” A cosmetic dentist can often help people create their ideal smile.

Aesthetic dentists work with patients on prevention of oral illnesses and the general health of your mouth. When you go to a regular dentist they will examine your mouth for things such as, bacterial infections and cavities. Dental assistants will also do a deep clean on your mouth that involves detailed brushing and flossing. During some appointments x-rays will be taken to help the dentist see the overall condition of your teeth. On the other hand, cosmetic dentists in Batavia are concerned with the beauty and appearance of your mouth. The color of your teeth, as well as the arrangement and shape are some of the parts of dentistry that a cosmetic dentist will deal with. Sometimes, these kinds of treatments are called “Hollywood” treatments because your teeth are transformed to resemble “star quality.”

There are many different procedures that are performed by cosmetic dentists in Batavia. The process of whitening the teeth is often called bleaching. Most of the time, this process is done through a few simple steps, most of which can be completed by the patient. A mold of your teeth is taken at the dentist’s office and you are given your molds along with a whitening solution. When you want to whiten your teeth, you simply put a small amount of the whitening solution inside the dental trays and put them in your mouth (usually overnight).

Bonding is another process completed by cosmetic dentists. Bonding is the process of using a “tooth colored” solution to fill in gaps that exist between teeth. Bonding can also help reshape a tooth that may have been chipped or uneven. Crowns and veneers are other procedures that can be used to strengthen teeth or reshape them so they are perfectly straight and level.