When You Should See A Periodontist

A periodontist is a dentist, who; after additional schooling and training, deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the gums and the jawbone. Periodontal disease begins when the aggressive bacteria in dental plaque starts to attack the soft tissue which surrounds teeth. These toxins rapidly breed which in turn causes infection.

When the infection is not dealt with, it continues to attack deeper into the tissue surrounding the teeth, the resulting pockets become inflamed and irritated. The natural response is for the body’s immune system to attack and attempt to destroy the infected tissue. It is extremely important that treatment from Periodontists in Chicago is sought; otherwise the result can be tooth loss.

The signs and symptoms of periodontal disease:

A person suffering from a gum disorder should arrange to see Periodontists in Chicago. In many cases the patient’s general dentist will find indications of periodontal disease and arrange a consultation, however, a referral is not necessary.

The following are three signs and symptoms of potential periodontal disorders that are obvious:

* Bleeding gums while brushing or eating
* Persistent halitosis even when a strict oral hygiene program is followed
* If the teeth appear longer this is the result of receding gums and jawbone loss

Diagnosis and treatment:

No treatment will begin before the Periodontists in Chicago have had an opportunity to examine the gums, jawbone and overall condition of the teeth. The Periodontist has a number of options available to treat the infection, stop the gums from receding and to replace teeth which are missing.

If the disease is in its early stage the Periodontist may perform root planning and scaling to clean the gum pockets of debris which promotes healing. In the event the disease is in an advanced stage it may be necessary to intervene surgically to reduce the depth of the gum pockets. Should there be tooth loss, a dental implant is an effective solution.  Contact Dental Specialists of South Loop & North Shore at www.endoperiosurg.com.