A Few Tips On Finding The Right Dentist

Dental hygiene and tooth care is not something that should be taken lightly, nor should the selection of a dentist. If you have recently moved to a new area or you have not given attention to your teeth for a long time you will be faced with finding a Lincoln Park dentist that you can trust. There are many dentists available but how do you choose one that you feel confident in and happy with?

* Ask for recommendations: It is always a good idea to ask others what it is that they like about their dentist. Although you may be new to the area don’t hesitate to talk to your new colleagues at work or your new neighbors. In many cases your old dentist will have some knowledge of dentists in your new locale, ask him or her before you leave the area.

* Accessibility: Determine in advance whether it is better for you to have a dentist that is closer to your home or closer to your place of work. Consider how flexible you can be when you schedule an appointment. It can also make it much easier on you and your family if your new dentist is open late a couple of nights a week and Saturday.

* Meet the dentist: Once you have a short list of Lincoln Park dentists call several of them and arrange to visit the office. During your visit you can find out what procedures are done in-office and which procedures are referred to specialists. You can find out firsthand how far in advance you must make appointments and you can determine if the dentist accepts your insurance plan.

Once you have completed your initial visits take time to review your experience. Ask yourself if the office was clean and orderly, were you comfortable with the dentist and did you find the staff helpful and courteous. If the answers to these types of questions are yes, then you can be comfortable with your choice.