Which Type Of Braces Is Right For You?

For those people that were born with less than perfect teeth, orthodontic treatments can make a big difference in your appearance. Just as there are different people with different problems, there are also different types of Park Ridge braces. Whichever type your dentist recommends you can rest assured that when they have done their job you will have beautifully straight and aligned teeth that you can be proud of.

Traditional braces:

Traditional braces have changed considerably; they are lighter and more comfortable to wear than ever before. Braces are made using high grade stainless steel; the brackets are bonded to the front of teeth with powerful epoxy. The brackets are all linked by what is called an “arch wire.” It is the arch wire that applies pressure which in turn slowly moves the teeth to the desired position.

Each time your dentist tightens your braces, small rubber bands will be changed. These rubber bands are used to connect the arch wire and the brackets.

Ceramic braces:

The only difference between traditional braces and ceramic braces is the brackets. In this type of braces the brackets are made from transparent ceramic material. As the brackets are far less visible, ceramic braces are popular with adults.

Clear aligners:

Rather than use forces applied by an arch wire, clear aligners are becoming more popular because they are virtually invisible. The system uses a host of trays that are changed every two weeks, the trays; called aligners, put force on the using clear aligners; they are not noticeable, they can be removed for brushing and flossing and they can be removed when eating so there is no need to change your diet.

The process usually takes from 12 to 15 months. When you first start the process you will be given enough aligners to remove and replace them every two weeks. Each new aligner moves your teeth one step closer to perfection.

There are a number of different types of Park Ridge braces; it is your dentist that will make the recommendation based on your specific needs. You are invited to visit Awesome Dentistry to discuss the next step towards a beautiful smile. Like us on our facebook page.