White Fillings in Los Angeles Help Protect Your Future Health

For the longest time, dental hardware, such as the fillings used to fill in cavities, was constructed out of metal that had a startling amount of mercury. Most peopled didn’t give much thought to what the metal was doing to their overall health. Today we know better. The use of dental fillings that include metals with mercury can have a devastating impact on the person’s health.Bio Dental feel so confident in the white fillings Los Angeles that they use them exclusively when filling in cavities, they don’t even keep the mercury fillings in their office.

When the silver filling first gets used to fill the cavity, it’s fairly benign, however as time passes, mercury will be leached into the patient’s mouth, and gets swallowed. The longer the person has the mercury laced filling, the greater the potential damage.  The most mercury gets leached while a person chews and swallows.

The truth is that no one really knows exactly how extensive the complications from the silver fillings will be. Many patients who got the silver, mercury laced, fillings when they were younger suspect that the fillings could be responsible for some serious mental health issues, including the development of Alzheimer’s.  Mercury laced fillings have also been connected to kidney failure, reduced reproductive productivity, an increased chance of developing an autoimmune disease.

Not only does getting cavities filled with mercury pose a threat to the patient’s future health, they don’t look good. The metal filling will be visible whenever the person smiles wide enough to show off their back teeth. If the cavity shows up on the front of the tooth, it can have a devastating impact on the patient’s confidence, and will cause them to stop smiling. The solution to both the problem with the mercury poisoning, and the appearance has been solved by white fillings. Dental patients that have gotten the white fillings in Los Angeles, couldn’t be happier with the final results.

Although the white fillings in Los Angeles have only been used for a limited amount of time and no one can promise that there won’t be any future health problems created from the use of these fillings, most researchers feel more comfortable with the white fillings than the silver ones. The white fillings have not been affected by the oral bacteria.

The other reason so many people like the white fillings and prefer them to the more traditional filling has to do with the appearance of the filling. Once the cavity has been filled, it will be nearly impossible to differentiate between the filling and the natural tooth enamel. Kids in particular seem to be more comfortable with the white fillings in Los Angeles since their cavities don’t alter their appearance.

It doesn’t matter if you have developed cavities in your back teeth, or if the hole appears on one of your front teeth, you should request that white fillings be used to repair the damage.