Why Composite Fillings Are Better Than Other Dental Options in Chicago

When the dentist tells you that you have a cavity and need to have it filled, they will give you a few different options. While there are advantages and disadvantages to each choice, dentists agree that the overwhelmingly best option is composite dental fillings Chicago.

Less Tooth Removed

To place a filling in your tooth, a certain portion of it needs to be removed. With an amalgam filling, which is commonly used, a significant amount of the tooth is drilled away to make room for the filling. However, when composite fillings are used, more of the tooth can be saved because they do not need as much space to properly fill the decayed tooth.


One significant benefit of composite fillings is that they bond directly to your tooth. This adds to the strength of the tooth after the procedure and also ensures that the filling itself will last longer in your tooth.

Hardens Quickly

Unlike other materials that fillings are made from, composites dry and cure almost instantly. Once the filling is placed, a dental light is placed in the mouth to shine on the tooth and the reaction hardens the tooth within seconds. The entire curing process takes less than a minute.


With metal fillings, you need to have the entire filling extracted and replaced if damage somehow occurs to it. However, composite dental fillings Chicago can be repaired without having to remove the entire thing.

If you need dental work done and you are thinking about composite fillings, contact Windy City Family Dental.