Why Dental Implants are the Perfect Solution to Replace Missing Teeth

Even though a person will take extreme care of their teeth, they will eventually experience dental problems that can put them at risk for losing a tooth. From gum disease to cavities, these oral conditions can jeopardize the integrity of a tooth that can eventually lead to the tooth breaking. Tooth loss can even occur when the individual suffers an injury to their mouth or other medical conditions that cause their natural teeth fall out. Fortunately, dental implants in Southampton can help replace the missing teeth to prevent a decrease in the person’s self-confidence and oral problems related to tooth loss.

How Implants Work

  • Dental implants in Southampton offers a way to replace a missing tooth with a more natural false tooth.
  • They feel, appear, and work like normal teeth do.
  • Protects the jawbone from degrading that can change the shape of the person’s facial features.
  • Offers a long-term answer for anyone with missing teeth.
  • They are fixed to the jawbone with an anchor to eliminate the risk of the tooth slipping out.
  • People with dental implants do not have to change their diet that often occurs with individuals that select dentures.
  • Solves problems that people may have with eating or speaking by replacing the missing tooth that can cause slurring while talking.

Obtain a Beautiful Smile by Replacing Your Missing Teeth Today!

Absolute Smile is a well-known dental clinic that offers general and cosmetic dental services. From crooked or missing teeth, their skilled staff can assist in finding the right oral solution to help improve your smile. If the appearance of your teeth is affecting your self-esteem and how you interact with other people, you should consult with their team to learn how they can help you regain your self-confidence.