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What You Should Know About Dental Implants in River North

There are many people that have lost their permanent teeth at a relatively young age. The most common causes of early tooth loss include getting the teeth knocked out in an accident, injury or fight, and poor dental hygiene that leads to decay and tooth extraction. When one has gaps in the mouth, the process… Read more »

Visit a Cosmetic Dentist to Enhance Your Smile

First impressions are important to most individuals especially when it comes to their smile. If you are someone who loves to laugh and smile, but refrain from doing so because your teeth are discolored or you have a chipped tooth, there is a solution. Visit a cosmetic dentist to enhance your smile and bring back… Read more »

Tips for Finding a Cosmetic Dentist in Downers Grove

Finding a qualified dentist to perform cosmetic work on your teeth and mouth goes beyond a location based Google search. The results you receive after a visit to the cosmetic dentist may vary depending on the skill of the dentist and the staff who work at the practice. This is why finding a qualified dentist… Read more »

The Importance of Orthodontics

Orthodontics is not a science which is only about aesthetics. Yes, braces are the most well-known of endeavors undertaken by orthodontists but this is not the only thing which orthodontics comprises, there are many other aspects and components of proper dental care. Dentists exist to keep teeth and gums healthy, while orthodontia is a form… Read more »

What is a Kid’s Dentist?

Adult teeth and children’s teeth are similar, but children require more specialized care than an adult. A kid’s dentist, also known as a pediatric dentist, is someone who specializes in providing dental care for children of all ages and even young teenagers. Pediatric dental care can range from educating children on proper brushing techniques and… Read more »

The types of sedation used by a children’s dentist

Anxiety, discomfort and at times, pain can be issues when it comes to having dental work done; it is difficult at times for adults, not surprisingly, it can be doubly difficult for children who feel the same things but don’t know how to deal with them. Due to this, the children’s dentist in Jacksonville will… Read more »

Dental implants give you a third chance

Everyone is given two chances with their teeth, first in are the baby teeth which are expected to fall out and be replaced with the only set of permanent teeth anyone will get; until now. It was not too many years ago that when a person lost one or more of their permanent teeth they… Read more »