Complete Oral Care From Your Dentist

According to recent studies carried out by the American Dental Association, a full 25 percent of Americans have serious oral problems. This is a staggering admission as the people affected know they have problems, they know they have oral disease and yet they choose to ignore them. Yes, there are people that simply cannot afford to visit Old Town Chicago dentists but there are an unknown number of people that are simply frightened of the dentist.

Oral care is of the utmost importance:

It doesn’t take much to understand how your teeth affect your looks, just look in the mirror. The questions is; how many people are aware of the problems associated with decay and gum disease? A gum infection does not need an invitation, even the smallest cavity can quickly lead to serious problems if not attended to, even to the point where toxins can enter the blood stream which can actually lead to death.

Everyone needs to care for their teeth:

Everyone, regardless of age must look after their teeth. It is suggested that children see Old Town Chicago dentists once their teeth begin to erupt. Although these “baby teeth” are destined to fall out they are there for a good reason, they guide the positioning of permanent teeth that come in at about the age of six or seven.

People that are introduced to good oral hygiene early in life take it as a matter of fact, something that needs to be done twice a day. People should arrange to see a dentist every six months for a complete check up and professional cleaning. It is always easier to deal with dental problems when they are caught early, early identification will result in fewer problems. When the problem is not attended to, the chance of serious problems increases dramatically.

To maintain excellent oral health there is no substitute for visiting Old Town Chicago dentists twice a year. You are invited to make an early appointment with Dr. Peter Tomaselli at Chicago Smile Design.