Family Dentistry in Camas WA Provides Treatment for Both Young and Old Alike

Many middle aged people spent their childhood going to a separate dentist than their parents. This made the experience of visiting an entirely new dentist as a young adult somewhat nerve wracking since the situation was so drastically different. These individuals can now alter that old practice by taking their entire family to a clinic that specializes in Family Dentistry in Camas WA. By doing so, all members are treated by the same staff for both their newly forming and mature smiles.

Taking the Fear Out of Dentistry

A trip to the dentist can be scary for young children, especially if they have dealt with previous complications that required invasive work. An experienced pediatric dentist understands this situation and is very vigilant to their feelings, discussing what service they will be or are currently administering in a calm and relaxed manner. Children will feel at ease while receiving a cleaning, sealants, or fluoride treatments and if they become uncomfortable at any point, the dentist will stop the procedure to allow them time to settle their thoughts and speak to their parents if necessary.

A Full Range of Services for Adults

When it comes to adult dentistry there is a wide array of both general and cosmetic services available at the same location. Parents can bring their children into offices like Lewis Family Dentistry for pediatric treatment and schedule a visit for themselves as well. Adult patients will find that the staff is well-versed in providing basic cleanings, cavity filling, the application of crowns, the option to have damaged teeth removed and replaced with a bridge or partial, root canal therapy, or surgical implants to fill in empty spaces. Whatever it takes to restore a smile to it’s original beauty can be administered through the latest technology by the staff with care and proficiency.

Stop Overnight Damage

In both children and adults the problem of subconscious teeth grinding exists. Individuals suffering from this issue need to have a customized night guard created which fits comfortably over the teeth during sleep and prohibits grinding. These can be created by Family Dentistry in Camas WA when an impression is taken of a patient’s teeth and sent to a dental laboratory for fabrication. A mold is built from the impression to ensure that the finished guard fits snugly over the smile, allowing the patient to easily wear it during sleep without any slipping or restricted breathing. You can also connect Facebook.