Information to Understand About Full Sets of Dentures in Amarillo Texas

Sometimes a person wearing a full set of Dentures in Amarillo Texas is satisfied with the devices for a few years, only to find that discomfort gradually occurs. Other problems may develop as well, such as gum irritation or a condition known as oral thrush. Patients with dentures should continue having regular oral health checkups at least once a year.

Full Sets of Dentures

Full sets of dentures provided at a clinic such as Panhandle Dental replace an entire row of missing teeth. The artificial teeth are attached to a plastic base designed to look like natural gum tissue. Some patients only need them for the top or bottom row, while others have lost so many teeth that both sets are necessary. Patients with many diseased teeth may reach a point where having them extracted and replaced with artificial models is a huge relief. No longer do they deal with a sense of pain in their mouth every day.

Denture Fitting

Dentures often no longer fit as well as they once did after several years pass. This can be a natural occurrence since the shape of the structures underlying the gum tissue begins to change to a certain extent when no teeth roots are in place. The dentures may start to be a bit lose, which can cause them to rub on the gum tissue and cause irritation. There also is an increased risk of the artificial teeth dislodging from the gums while chewing.

There is no reason for patients with Dentures in Amarillo Texas to put up with discomfort associated with these devices. A dentist may be able to adjust the fit, or it may be time to order new dentures. People naturally want artificial teeth to last forever, but generally, they should be replaced about every ten years.

The Healing Process

Dentists typically recommend that patients wait until the mouth has completely healed after teeth extraction before being fit for permanent dentures. The size and shape of the gums and the hard structures underneath will change during the weeks of healing. Patients can wear a temporary denture device in the meantime. Visit the website of one particular dental clinic for further information.