Find A Reliable Dentist In Farmington Hills

Having healthy teeth is something that a lot of people strive for. We’re taught as children to brush, floss, and rinse every day, sometimes more than once. Some people however, neglect their teeth at times, and end up suffering the consequences of doing so. These consequences can range from a variety of things like gum disease, cavities, infected teeth or nerves, broken teeth, or even misaligned teeth. When these things do happen, the only thing a person can do is visit their dentist to get some work done to give them back their beautiful smile and give them healthier teeth.

Your dentist can do much more than just poke you with a dentist tool to tell you how badly you’ve been cleaning your teeth lately, which is the impression most people have of their dentist unfortunately. They aren’t there to torture you in their chair, they’re there to help you keep your teeth healthy and provide you with a means to do so. They can provide cleaning procedures for when your schedule prevents you from having the time to clean as much as you should on your own. They provide you with cavity filling procedures to fix any damage that has occurred to your teeth from lack of cleaning or even broken teeth by other means. But most importantly, they will be there for you to help guide you to a better, healthier smile by providing advice and support.

If you’ve let your teeth be neglected to the point where an infection has occurred, your Dentist Farmington Hills can help you by prescribing antibiotics before doing any work on the tooth in question. Sometimes these teeth need to simply be filled to fix a cavity leading to the nerve, but most of the time they require a full root canal and crowning. This means the dentist will drill into the tooth, and remove the root’s nerves from it. Once that is done they will fill the holes up with resin and cap it off with a porcelain or metal crown, depending on the type of tooth it is. In worse cases, the tooth may need to be extracted and replaced with an implant.

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