Dentures in Nashville – What to Expect from Getting Dentures

Dentures are considered prosthetic devices or appliances used to replace a full set of teeth. These fake teeth are fitted to your mouth by your dentist so you get a customized fit. Dentures in Nashville can help you chew better, talk better, and enjoy more confidence than having no teeth at all. The following will discuss what you can expect from getting dentures and some things you may experience within the first few months of having them.

The Initial Process

Mouth Impression – The first thing the dentist does is make an impression of your mouth.

Casting – A cast is created from the impression made of your mouth. The cast is made of wax and the teeth are placed into it so you can try it on to make sure the fit is right. This is a trial denture setting that helps determine if the mouth impression was right. If there are any problems, changes will be made. You may have to see your dentist several times before the final cast is made.

Final Casting – The final casting is the one that you get after the trial cast makes a good fit and match. This is where you try on your real dentures that you will wear home.

Adjustments – You may have to have a few adjustments made over the following months after you get your dentures. These adjustments are designed to make you as comfortable as possible.

Things to Expect from Wearing Dentures

Difficulty Speaking – You might have some initial problems adjusting to wearing dentures which may affect your speech for a short time. Good-fitting dentures don’t usually cause this problem for long.

Adhesives – You may have to use more adhesive than you would like to keep your dentures from slipping around which affects your speech and chewing. Making sure your dentures fit well can help you avoid this problem.

Soreness – During the first few weeks, you may experience some soreness or gum irritation from wearing dentures. Problems with food getting under dentures may also cause this problem.

These are some of the basics of the process of getting dentures and what to expect from wearing them that you should know. Well-fitted and well-maintained dentures cause fewer problems initially as well as in the long run. Click Here to find out more about dentures.