Helpful Information About Teeth Whitening Redding

Permanent teeth ideally last a lifetime. These calcified structures do more than break down food and facilitate proper speech. Teeth can significantly add or detract from a person’s physical appeal. Due to numerous factors, teeth can become discolored. To correct this aesthetic problem, a person can use Teeth Whitening Redding. The following information will give more insight into this cosmetic dental treatment.

Tooth discoloration can typically fall into two major categories. Extrinsic stains occur when substances such as tea, soft drinks, and wine damage the enamel of teeth. Intrinsic stains can develop when the dentin of teeth is negatively influenced by factors such as antibiotic use and trauma. While Teeth Whitening Redding is typically used for extrinsic stains, it can also benefit discoloration caused by intrinsic stains.

There are numerous kinds of teeth whitening products on the market. Home-based products can be purchased without a prescription in many leading stores. Some examples of these products include teeth whitening gels, teeth whitening toothpaste, teeth whitening strips, and teeth whitening rinses. These products use a whitening agent such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions completely when using any of these products. Discontinue use and contact a dentist when serious side effects develop.

Whitening teeth can also be accomplished by using a professionally dispensed whitening product. These kits are only available through a dental practitioner. Using this product will give a person the advantage of talking to a dentist beforehand. Office-based whitening methods involve getting treatments from a dentist or a dental assistant under the supervision of a dentist. Usually, this involves lining a tray with a whitening agent. The tray is then placed over a person’s top or bottom row of teeth. Both rows of teeth can be done. Sometimes, a light will be used to intensify the effects of the whitening agent.

Splotches, streaks, and stains can diminish a person’s appeal. By using a whitening agent, a person can lighten teeth to their natural color and beyond. Contact a dentist like the ones at Moore & Pascarella Dental Group. These professionals can handle dental whitening treatments so patients will have teeth they love. It will also help a person have increased self-confidence.