Invisalign Through Cosmetic Dentistry in Homer Glen IL

Invisalign is a somewhat-new orthodontic procedure that allows Cosmetic Dentistry Homer Glen IL to perfectly align the mouth and thus, achieve a more beautiful smile in a comfortable and painless way. The Invisalign technique involves using a series of clear or alienating splints that slowly move the teeth to the desired result. These braces have to be worn 22 hours a day, removing them after every meal to clean. This overcomes one of the major drawbacks of traditional braces because people can eat a pretty normal diet. The length of invisible braces depends on the initial condition of the patient, and can range from 3 months to 24 and 36 months. Usually, they are applied in adolescents and adults, and whenever there is malocclusion.

Are Invisalign technique results permanent? Invisalign achieves lasting results, although a follow-up should be performed at the end of treatment so the dentist can ensure the teeth continually move. What advantages does the Invisalign technique have over other techniques? This procedure offers comfort, predictability and various aesthetic features that no other techniques have. The splint can be removed for eating and brushing teeth. Also, since it is transparent it achieves maximum aesthetics. Moreover, before starting treatment a patient can know the final result with a computer simulation.

Who can undergo this kind of treatment? Anyone that needs cosmetic orthodontics can have lingual orthodontics done. From a teenage patient who is beginning to worry about his or her aesthetic appeal to a patient of 70 years of age. That is, anyone with any type of malocclusion that can be solved with conventional orthodontic treatment can have lingual orthodontics placed by a cosmetic dentistry in Homer Glen IL.

What are the advantages of lingual orthodontics? The main advantage is that it is a completely invisible treatment and is comfortable though many patients think that is an uncomfortable treatment. To begin with, the tongue is a muscle and as such is adaptive, so it fits perfectly in the brackets and the patient has no discomfort. This makes the patient feel satisfied and motivated because they see their face and smile getting better without having to suffer the consequences of classical and unsightly appliances. Contact RK Smiles to learn more.