How to Select the Best Implant Dentist, Find One in Chicago

While many residents in Chicago believe that they can walk into any dental practice and request dental implants, it’s untrue. Many dentists now offer such services because they are highly popular, but you still need to make sure that you’ve chosen the best implant dentist in Chicago. The dentist is likely to supervise and get everything ready while an oral surgeon handles the implants. If you select a prosthodontist or periodontist, they are likely to have surgical skills and can handle the entire process themselves, which means you don’t have to see multiple specialists or visit multiple locations.

Why Choose a Specialist

Dental implants are a surgical procedure, which means you want to pick someone who specializes in surgery. They may also offer other services, such as preventative care, but they have the training and skills required to place implants.

Fewer Complications

Whether you choose traditional implants or same-day versions, you want to be sure that you’ve chosen an appropriate professional to place them. That way, you have fewer complications, such as total failure of the implant. Along with such, you don’t want to risk secondary infections or be in extreme pain while waiting for your dental work to heal.


Specialists typically handle more implant procedures each year, which means they can afford the high-quality equipment and more advanced technology. They’ve got the right tools to do the work, which ultimately means your new tooth and the gums look natural and more aesthetically pleasing.


Before you make a decision, it’s best to ask a variety of questions to multiple dentists in your area. Find out more about their training, what continuing education they receive, and costs.

The best implant dentist has plenty of experience and training so that they can do the work correctly. Visit EON Clinics in Chicago to learn more about their team of specialists.