Receiving a Root Canal Treatment in Broken Arrow, OK, Helps Relieve Tooth Pain

When a tooth becomes so badly damaged that it is causing someone non-stop pain, a root canal may be in order. Root canals are used on teeth that have sustained nerve damage due to decay, disease or damage to the tooth. While root canals are typically dreaded and avoided by most due to their negative image as a painful procedure, the truth is that root canals bring very welcome relief to those suffering from tooth nerve pain. A dentist will assess whether or not Root Canal Treatment in Broken Arrow OK is the correct procedure for each individual patient’s needs.

Root Canals Relieve Discomfort

While root canals have a bad reputation as a very painful or difficult procedure, in actuality they are actually the best way to relieve ongoing tooth pain. The procedure itself is performed with local anesthesia, so patients won’t feel more than some slight pressure or pulling within their mouths. The procedure will completely deaden the tooth through the removal of its nerve, so any pain the patient was feeling due to damage to that tooth will be permanently stopped. For this reason, Root Canal Treatment in Broken Arrow OK actually relieves tooth pain and is not itself a painful procedure.

Root Canals are Not Complete on Their Own

When a tooth undergoes a root canal procedure, the dentist will drill down all the way into the root of a tooth to reach its nerve. Once exposed, the nerve will be carefully removed from the tooth entirely, which effectively kills the tooth and leaves it susceptible to damage. While the pain in the tooth will stop completely, the outside of the tooth will quickly become weakened and prone to breakage, so a crown is typically the next course of action following a root canal. The crown is a carefully fitted, artificial tooth cap that a dentist will attach over the existing tooth to protect it from harm.

When the nerve within a tooth becomes damaged by an accident, disease or tooth decay, help from a dentist will be sorely needed. Root canals are used to remove the damaged nerve from the tooth, which in turn deadens the entire tooth. A crown will then be applied to protect the remaining tooth from damage. Both adult and Kid’s Dental root canal procedures are available as needed.