Information About Dental Implants Kona, HI

There are many forms of cosmetic dentistry that provide direct benefits to dental patients. In addition to enhancing the look of teeth, some cosmetic dental procedures make it easier for patients to use their mouths properly. One example of a practical cosmetic procedure is a dental implant. A Dental Implant Kona, HI is known as a root device.

A dental implant is put in place of one missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. One part of the implant imitates the root of a tooth. This part is usually made of titanium, and it is inserted into the bone where teeth used to be. That part of the implant is typically shaped like a natural tooth root, so it will fit naturally and comfortably when it is surgically inserted into the bone. This prevents the implant from moving or becoming loose. It may feel different than a normal tooth, but an implant has the strength and sturdiness of a natural and healthy tooth.

Since the visible part of the implant resembles a natural tooth, these implants are usually custom designed to custom fit each patient. Patients will notice a minor difference in the way that dental implants and regular teeth feel when they chew food, but the appearance of the device is usually undetectable. The procedure of getting a dental implant is considered a surgical procedure. Local anesthesia or a numbing agent is used so that patients do not feel pain during the procedure. Most patients, however, will feel pressure due to the extreme amount of work being done. A patient may experience some pain after the procedure, but an oral surgeon will provide the patient with follow up care.

In many cases, Dental Implants Kona, is followed up by a CT scan. This scan is done to see if the implant is successfully fusing with the bone. Dental implants typically have a high success rate, but follow up procedures are common just to make sure that the implant is working properly. In most cases, a general dentist will refer his patients to an oral surgeon to receive the dental implantation procedure.