Make Your Smile Look Amazing with Dental Implant Surgery in Baltimore City

If you have missing teeth and are embarrassed about your smile, you may think your only option is dentures or other temporary tooth replacements that you have to take out every night. These replacements can be a hassle and some people hate using them. However, there is another option: you can have dental implant surgery. There are a number of reasons why implants are a much better option than dentures.

They’re Permanent

Once you’ve had your dental implant surgery in Baltimore City, you don’t have to worry about doing anything other than brushing your teeth as you normally would. Your dental implants are permanently attached to the bones in your jaw, so they do not need to be removed for cleaning or for anything else. Once they’re installed, they’re as permanent as your natural teeth.

They Look Great

Few people can tell the difference between implants and the rest of your teeth. They look and even feel like the rest of your teeth so you can smile with the confidence that no one can tell you’ve had dental implant surgery.

They Require Less Work

With some alternatives such as bridges, the teeth around the missing tooth have to be altered somewhat. With implants, that’s not needed at all. Your dentist can install the post that the implanted tooth attaches to without doing anything to the surrounding teeth, making the whole process very easy.

They Are Affordable

When they were first introduced, most dental insurances did not cover implants. Today, more and more plans are beginning to cover at least some of the costs. Most dentists also offer a financing plan that allows you to make monthly payments that your budget can accommodate rather than try to pay for the entire procedure upfront.