How to Prepare Your Child for Dental Surgery in Redding, CA

If your dentist has recommended that your child receive dental surgery, it is likely that the surgery is the best option for your child. Although finding out that your child is going to be put under general anesthesia for surgery can be nerve-wracking, if you and your child are both prepared for the procedure, you can avoid all the stress and anxiety typically associated with the dentist.

Psychological Preparation

One of the most difficult aspects of the dental surgery is that your child isn’t old enough to understand and is scared, or your child is old enough that he or she can understand the idea of surgery and he or she is scared. Every parent wants to protect his or her child, and there are things you can tell your child to keep him or her calm and comfortable with the procedure. Explain to your child that he or she is going to be given a special medicine that will help him or her stay asleep while the dentist is fixing his or her teeth.

What you should know about general anesthesia is that it is going to make your child’s whole body sleep so that his or her reflexes are completely relaxed for the duration of the surgery. Your child will feel no pain throughout the procedure, nor will he or she have any memory of it when he or she wakes up.

Other Preparations

In the couple of days before your child goes for dental surgery in Redding, CA, you are going to receive a call from a nurse who will give you specific instructions on getting ready for the surgery. These instructions are going to include when your child is going to have to stop eating and drinking liquids. Be sure to let the nurse know about any medications that your child is taking and double-check that your child can still take that medication before the dental surgery.