Seeing An Affordable Dentist in Ypsilanti MI

When jolting sensations are felt in the teeth, there is a good chance a sensitivity issue is present. Someone who regularly suffers from discomfort or pain in the teeth after eating or drinking a hot or cold beverage may find that an Affordable Dentist in Ypsilanti MI can help alleviate the problem. Here are some tips one can use in an attempt to minimize tooth sensitivity issues.

Avoid Triggers To Minimize Sensitivity

When teeth are sensitive, temperature changes can often cause symptoms to arise. It is best to avoid drinking hot and cold beverages and foods to help keep these symptoms at bay. If a hot or cold drink is desired, consider using a straw, so the liquid bypasses the teeth. This may minimize the jolting sensations felt with sensitivity as a result. It is also a good idea to cover the mouth with a scarf or collar when going outdoors into frigid temperatures.

Change Brushing Habits And Use Appropriate Products

Sensitivity is caused when the enamel is worn away from a tooth’s surface. Enamel cannot be replaced, meaning it is extremely important to try salvaging it. When someone brushes their teeth in the same direction day after day, brushstrokes may be visible upon the teeth. A dentist would usually alert the patient to avoid brushing in the same manner. Brushing in a side to side motion one day, an up and down motion the next, and a circular motion the day after that, will help retain enamel for a longer time.

See A Dentist To Have A Complete Evaluation

When sensitivity becomes an issue, a call to an affordable dentist in Ypsilanti MI will be helpful. They will do an evaluation of the teeth to determine how much enamel is no longer in place. They may prescribe a special toothpaste to help reduce the sensations felt. In more severe enamel wear cases, a crown, filling, or veneer can be placed over the effected area.

Contact us at the first signs of sensitivity issues. An evaluation will be done of the teeth and an appropriate remedy will be recommended by the dentist in an attempt to stop the sensations felt for good.