Myths and Clarifications about TMJ

Are you or a near and dear one suffering from Temporo Mandibular Joint (TMJ) disorder? Are you under the impression that your only chance at recovering is surgery? Are you afraid that you might be suffering for life from a sensitive, tender jaw? Are you desperately searching for an easy way to get TMJ treatment at home?

Here is some valuable advice. TMJ is a common disease that affects millions of people annually. It is a fully curable condition, but often diagnosed only when the situation has worsened. If you read the warning signs at the onset and get yourself tested, it can often be prevented. Sit tight to read the truths behind myths circulated about TMJ.

TMJ only affects people with bruxism or who clench their teeth while sleeping.

Wrong! TMJ can arise from a variety of accidental, genetic, orthodontic or habitual causes. Bruxism and clenching teeth are just two among the many reasons.

TMJ can only be cured by a surgery.

Wrong again. As a matter of fact, irreversible TMJ treatments like a surgery may be undergone only if there is no other alternative and it has developed to a very chronic, severe condition. A variety of methods like jaw exercises, biofeedback and movement therapy are reversible and are considered effective TMJ treatments at home.

You need to get used to the pain from TMJ.

Absolutely wrong! Pain management and subsequent relief is an important part of many TMJ treatments at home. In fact, neutralizing pain can be achieved before the process of complete recovery from the disorder.

Your jaws will remain tender and sensitive throughout your life, even after recovery.

As usual. Wrong again. Your jaws can regain their previous strength and flexibility with specific easy-to-follow home based exercises. These exercises have to be followed religiously only for a short term after treatment.

TMJ Treatments

TMJ Treatments