Repair Dental Malocclusions

Children and teenagers need to have evaluations for braces in Lombard, Il, to straighten their teeth as early as possible. While adults can also request orthodontic treatment, teenagers and children have softer bones, making it easier to repair problems with the size of the palate or the jaw. If you have children, then bringing them to an orthodontist for a checkup is essential to determine if they have dental malocclusions such as wide gaps between the teeth or teeth that overlap. In most cases, orthodontic treatment during childhood is a faster process than waiting until you are an adult.

Modern Braces

When you need braces in Lombard, there are different types available, including traditional devices with metal wires and brackets. These are still the favorite types of braces for teenagers and children because the devices are affordable, but you can also wear other types of braces such as lingual devices that are worn on the backs of the teeth or ceramic braces that are difficult to see on your teeth. If you want to avoid frequent trips to the orthodontist’s office for wire tightening, then you can choose self-ligating braces.

You can Wear Brightly Colored Wires

Some orthodontic patients want to have brightly colored wires on their braces in Lombard, and these are available from an orthodontist. You can also select brackets that have fun shapes and designs. Whatever type of braces chosen, you must follow your orthodontist’s guidelines for brushing and flossing several times a day to prevent cavities or bad breath. In addition, you must eat a healthy diet that includes softer vegetables, fruits and lean proteins while avoiding hard foods such as popcorn or sticky foods such as candy. To learn more about orthodontic treatment, contact Oakbrook Orthodontics.