Use of lasers in periodontal and gum therapy

Trained dentist use a technique called laser periodontal and gum therapy to treat severe periodontal diseases. Periodontal and gum therapy can bring back hopeless cases and give a person a second chance.

As its name suggests laser periodontal therapy relates to the use of lasers for the treatment of only periodontal diseases. Lasers have been used to treat periodontal diseases since as early as the 1990’s. Lasers have been constantly developed over the years in order to combat periodontal diseases.

Laser periodontal therapy is also known as ‘Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure’ or LANAP. A fiber with the combined thickness of about three human hairs is nestled below a person’s gum line. Once in place, a laser beam is focused on the problem areas.

Is it effective?

Yes, laser periodontal and gum therapy is effective if and when operated with proper care and keeping all the cautions in mind.

Laser periodontal and gum therapy is known to successfully finish off bacteria. Extermination of bacteria takes place in not only the obvious places, but also those hard to reach spots.

It removes all the dead tissues from your gums, keeping all the live tissues intact.

Modifies the composition of tartar and calculus so that it is much easier to remove.

Pathologically alters the composition of poisonous substances lying below the gum line.

Sometimes used to create clots to seal the gum line and create an environment favoring new tissue growth.

Periodontal and gum therapy, when properly done allows the body to naturally heal, enhancing gum health by stabilizing teeth. The consumer should be aware that there is just one type of laser cleared for periodontal disease treatment. Visit Website for further details. Like us at Facebook.