Services Available from a Pediatric Dentist

When it comes to dental services, a pediatric Dentists Wayne NJ can offer many. Though all offices are different and may offer different services, in generally the services that are offered at a pediatric dental office are designed to not only help to prevent serious dental health issues in the future, they can also treat any dental issues in the present. Before you go out in search of a pediatric dentist in Wayne, NJ, it is very important that you understand the services that they can provide.

Preventative Care

One of the most common services that are provided by pediatric dentists is preventative care. This is generally made up of cleanings, x-rays and checking for cavities. Preventative care appointments are recommended every six months and proper preventative care from childhood through the teen years can ensure a healthy smile and mouth into adulthood.


Another common service that is provided by a pediatric dentist is extractions. It isn’t uncommon for baby teeth to not fall out on their own. In order to make room for permanent teeth, pediatric dentists will need to extract the baby teeth before they become problematic. This can help to prevent crooked teeth and even the need for braces in the future.


You will also find that pediatric dentists will offer sealants to their patients. This is a service that is used to actually seal off potential cavities before they are able to form. With proper care, a sealant may be all your child needs to stop a painful cavity from forming.

Fluoride Treatments

A type of popular preventative care, a pediatric dentist will offer fluoride treatments to their patients as well. These treatments are necessary in order to prevent the enamel from eroding away. Once the enamel of the tooth is gone, the protective layer is gone which leaves an open door for cavities to grow.


Some pediatric dentists will offer whitening treatments for your children as well. These treatments are not necessary and are only to ensure that your child has a very white and bright smile.

Braces and Orthodontics

You may find that some pediatric dentists are also skilled in orthodontics. With this service, any teeth straightening that may need to be done can be taken care of in the same office by the same person. This can be quite beneficial and whether your child may need braces or a retainer, it can be taken care of as soon as possible.

A pediatric dentist is a much better option when it comes to dental care for children than a general or family dentist. Though a general dentist may be able to perform the same services as a pediatric dentist, a pediatric dentist has the experience of working with children, something that can be invaluable during treatment.

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